You want action? I got action.


Resources Specific to Muslim Ban:

List of Senator positions on the ban, so you can spread the word to people in states where Senators are in favor or have been silent

List of local chapters for CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) – let them know you support them!

List of organizations that are actively fighting against ban through a variety of means

Basic Resources:

Find your Rep here!!! 

And here!

Daily Actions:

5 Calls – 5 calls a day to make a difference

What do I do about Trump? – Compiles calls to action from multiple sites

Flippable – E-mails that notify you of elections in states that can ‘flip’ a district from red to blue

Swing Left – Support your closest swing district

Tiny Letter – Daily calls to action by e-mail

Rogan’s List – Daily to-do action list

Wall of Us – Four concrete acts of resistance e-mailed each week

Every Day Action – 45 acts of resistance for our 45th (ugh) President


The Four Fifty One – A podcast for the resistance (and where I got a lot of these resources. My only beef with this that none of the hosts are POC’s)

On the Media – Especially important as Mango Mussolini wages war on the press

NPR One – An app that curates all your favorite NPR programs

Slate’s Trumpcast – Was originally supposed to end after the election…but Trump keeps giving them ample material to continue

Books (really just a starter):

The New Jim Crow – Breaks down racism and the prison industrial complex

Dark Money – Enough said. Betsy DeVos’s family makes an appearance (smh)

Hope in the Dark – Makes you feel like it all matters

Upcoming Los Angeles Marches/Protests:

Immigrants Make America Great March – February 18, DTLA

Not My President’s Day Rally – February 20, DTLA

Tax Day March – April 15, DTLA

March for Science – April 22, DTLA

May Day March – May 1, DTLA

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