Cheese Piece

When I’m alone at home,

while the wind is up and the cat suns his belly,

I indulge in a plate of cheese and crackers

Preferably poppyseed or sesame

Ideally sharp cheddar or Parmesan

I take small bites, chew slowly,

and read a book

This is something my mother would do

When the sun was hot and the house was cold

When she was alone

We’d come home from school,

and beg for cheese and crackers

Any kind would do

Like a snarling mutt

or a junkie working on a fix

She’d tell us it was her treat,

to leave her alone

Let her be


2 responses to “Cheese Piece

  1. Billie L Cox

    Every mother can identify. Love the way you capture moments. Liked the northern lights one too. You have talent. ..of course.

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