Oh look out, you rock n’ rollers…

So I’ve decided to get my Marketing certificate from UCLA Extension. I feel like I need it to advance my career, the topic has always interested me, and hell, my job pays for it. Now that the explanation is out of the way, a few other words:

When I was in college, I would eyeroll those older students. You know, the moms with grown-up kids who decided to get their own degree. The men who worked white collar gigs until they finally threw up their hands. Granny who liked to write stories. Those folk. I winced at their bright-eyed eagerness to answer questions in class and write lengthy responses in discussion boards. I cringed when they would use their personal career experience to make a point – “well at my job…” I was an asshole. What gall, to look down on those people who bravely went back to the classroom, probably on their own dime, when I was nothing but a smart-mouthed scholarship kid who thought the world owed her a favor because she read Catcher in the Rye a few times. I say this because I am now that returning adult student, who has life under her belt and a greater appreciation for learning. I don’t take a single textbook chapter for granted. Those little pissants can fuck off.

On the fiction front, my inspiration has been non-existent. I don’t let it get me down. I don’t throw myself on the bed and wail that “I’ll never write again.” Actually, I did do that a few nights ago, then realized how stupid I sounded. Of course inspiration will strike. But I’ve learned this about myself: I enjoy too much. I can’t pin a single hobby down like a butterfly under glass. I like to write, think deeply about marketing and PR, read (and read and read and read), make origami, color in elaborate adult coloring books, dance the night away, hike the day away, let the world slip by while in a dark movie theater. So many interests that I’ve stopped trying to balance them all. I just let some fall, and when I feel like picking them up again…I do. There’s so much freedom to this. A lack of worry. No anxiety. I am a vicious cycle, and I say vicious in the best possible sense of the word.

My next adventure is the Sundance Film Festival. Maybe freezing my ass off in 18 degree weather will yield an idea that warms me up. Maybe it’ll be a Hot Toddy that does that job. Regardless, while life is stressful and very, very busy at the moment, I am feeling more and more at ease. Hey, maybe those mediation sessions are paying off…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S227FFNwl8







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