Back on the Chain Gang

My quickie response to this daily prompt:

Dishes. I hand-wash every coffee-stained mug, cheese-crusted plate and greasy spatula. I loathe it because I know that a convenient solution is painfully just out of my grasp. We invented something to take the sting out of suds! Where are my anthropomorphic bubbles? Where’s the sauna for my saucers? I live in an area of Los Angeles where the 1920s bungalows are ill-equipped for modern convenience, so scrub I must. Yes, I realize that most of the world goes without this machine, but it’s like denying a child a candy bar while reminding them that there’s a box of them behind a locked door. However, I have a fantasy I activate on a night of especially gruesome platters. I imagine myself as a prairie woman with a tight, slick bun and muslin apron, wearing no make-up with a strong upper body. I am a no-nonsense mother of five (six if you count poor, departed Sarah), who tackles each tin cup with a fervor that is only matched by her love of the Lord. Before I know it, the sink is clear and I can get to washin’ undershirts and preparing drop biscuits for pa.


5 responses to “Back on the Chain Gang

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  4. Billie Cox

    Sometimes I find myself complaining (only in an internal monologue, of course) about emptying out the dishwasher. Even then, I chastise myself for being a spoiled American (affluenza). Two days ago my dishwasher died. With only 2 of us, I realize there are not that many dishes to wash…holidays are a different matter as I always handwash the good china…so really it isn’t too bad. Which I can say because my new dishwasher will be installed tomorrow. (I also curse folding fitted sheets–I proudly learned to miter corners in Girl Scouts, after all. But I do recall bottom sheets sliding up from beneath the mattress in spite of my sharp corners.)

    • Isn’t it funny that we feel so lost without modern conveniences? But we’re also fairly resilient, and are able to adjust. I’ve never been able to fold fitted sheets, though I head YouTube has a wealth of information about that topic 🙂

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