Story Crumbs

Four stories floating in my head, and wrote fragments of all. This is the longest so far. 


Nina had a way of saying a single word that conveyed her utmost confidence in it.

“Uh, right now?”

“Yep. Open the bottle and have a glass with me on the patio.”

Kate pulled a bottle of Chardonnay from the refrigerator and pondered the wine key. Neal had always opened their wine  due to her reputation for breaking off half the cork. This was a goofy lesson in self-sufficiency.

“Shit. Fuck shit fuck this fucking cork.”

“Pull hard on it…don’t be afraid of breaking the bottle.”

Kate poured two healthy glasses and brought them outside.

Tonight would be Kate’s final night in Nina’s home. Always uncomfortable imposing, Kate pretended that she had worn out her welcome, though Nina insisted she stay longer. It had been almost two weeks of vagabond living since she’d left Neal, and it was time for Little Sheba to come back.

As committed as she had been to order and wholesome living her entire life, Kate slept soundly on Nina’s  narrow vinyl sofa. She reveled in the wrinkled clothes hanging out of her suitcase. She found delight in the folding and unfolding of her travel toothbrush every morning. She had grown accustomed to a steady diet of toast and tea, with the occasional fast food foray.  

She’d always believed that a truly depressed person was one who refused to leave bed in the morning, and chose instead to sip tepid coffee and stare at a laptop screen, leaving them both anxious and rooted to the sheets. 

…and shortest:

Jennifer awoke to soft music and two bright, fuzzy red eyes. She blinked twice and the eyes came into sharp focus. They narrowed as they moved across her body. A female voice came from a speaker under the eyes, where the nose should be. It was deep, sultry and menacing.

“Good morning, Jennifer. It’s 9:35a.m., and you normally wake up at 8:04a.m. I am providing a courtesy wake-up call for your convenience.”


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